Making a difference

"I’ve always worked in the charity sector and was looking for a new challenge when the founders of Altum Group asked me to consider setting up a corporate foundation for their business.

Altum Group is a collective of young, evolving recruitment companies so connecting the CSR agenda with the next generation in mind seemed the natural thing to do. We also felt strongly about partnering with charities for the long-term and giving staff the chance to get involved in a meaningful way.

We started the charitable foundation officially in January 2018 with the aim of supporting the Group's mission to give people the power to fulfil their promise.

All staff are foundation members and we give them tangible experiences to connect with our charitable partners. Last year we cycled 470km from our Amsterdam office to our London headquarters, and this year we’re running the Sierra Leone marathon for Street Child.

These ‘Altum Experiences’ push us out of our comfort zone, connect us as a team and build deeper relationships. It really does promote a collaborative and more productive work environment.

It’s not just about the big challenges like our Altum Experiences. We also aim to give back our skills to the next generation. For example, we work directly with one of our charity partners, Resurgo Trust, hosting their trainees at our offices to learn more about interviews, CVs and careers options.

Every member of staff also takes a day to work with one of our charities directly and we support them with their own fundraising. 

I firmly believe we have a responsibility to improve the well-being of others who are not as privileged as us. The ongoing results are priceless, join us on our journey and find out more."

Daleen McDowell, CEO, Altum Foundation